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What is the procedure for a Direct Cremation?

Our procedure for a Direct Cremation is the same as if you were arranging a full funeral.  Neither you nor your loved one is treated any differently.

You will see below a timeline to help you but you can always call us for more help and guidance on what to expect.

For help and advice call us on 01803 446008 or email us


If someone has passed away you will need to contact us.  We give you options on how to let us know so you can choose the easiest way for you and your family.


  • ​Call us on 01803 446008

  • Come in to see us at our funeral home

  • Email us at

  • Use our Contact Us Form

  • Use our Arrange a Direct Cremation Form​

Please note if someone has passed away anywhere other than in hospital please telephone us so we can help and guide you straight away.


We will bring your loved one into our care here at the funeral home.  If they passed away in hospital or the coroner is involved this can take a few days but we will talk you through this.  


We will help you through the legal processes you will need to complete such as registering the death and signing the cremation forms.

We will also chat with you to discuss your options and let you know the details of the cremation such as the date and time.


Once in our care we look after your loved one here.  We do not have other facilities or premises.  We take great pride in ensuring the care and dignity of those who are resting with us.

We carry out your wishes such as if you would like your loved one to be dressed in their own clothes, or you would like a chapel visit.

Your loved one will remain with us here at the funeral home until the day of the cremation.  Should you like to add a small blessing service then this can also be arranged here.  Please see the list of our additional services we can offer as an independent which are not available with the all of the National Companies.


On the day of the cremation we will take your loved one to Torquay Crematorium in a suitable vehicle.

Our team will be dressed in the usual ceremonial dress code we use for full funerals.  The coffin is taken into the chapel with care and respect.  Quiet music is played and we pause for a minute to pay our respects, bow to the coffin and come quietly away.

We will only ever take one person to the crematorium at any one time.  Unbelievably this is not always the case and one of the largest National Companies will take up to four people at a time to the crematorium.  We DO NOT agree with this practice.  If we do have more than one Direct Cremation on that day we will make an additional journey so your loved one is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.


After the cremation we will bring your loved one's ashes into our care here at the funeral home.  We will advise you straight away when they are back in our care.

If you have chosen an Urn or Ashes container we will do any transfers of the ashes that you require.

We will arrange a time for you to either collect them from us here at the funeral home or we will return them to you by hand.

Should you choose in the future to inter the ashes or transfer them to an alternative container we will again do the transfer for you .

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Local care for you and your loved one

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