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Our unique options and additional services

Because we are a local independent business, we can offer options that make our Direct Cremation a softer alternative to a traditional funeral service.

Our Essential Direct Cremation Service covers everything that is required.

Our families are reassured that our Essential Direct Cremation fee will cover everything that could be required for a Direct Cremation at Torquay Crematorium. We also offer options and services that allow families to tailor the service to meet their unique needs.


Why do we offer options and services in addition to our Direct Cremation Package?

We often meet families whose loved one has said they do not want any fuss and low cost for their funeral. Many times a direct cremation has been chosen by the person who passed away.

A funeral is as much for the family to say goodbye and get some form of closure as it is for the person who passes. With this in mind, a traditional Direct Cremation can be very hard for some families to adhere to if this was their loved one's choice.

With a traditional Direct Cremation, when the person passes away and is brought into the care of the funeral provider, the family will have no further contact with their loved one until the ashes are either collected or returned.

In most cases, the family will be speaking with a call centre rather than with a person face to face, which can give a sense of remoteness to the situation.

National providers put restrictions on what is allowed with their Direct Cremation Services that are right for them as a business. By being a local independent funeral service, we set our services, and we have thought long and hard about offering this service while giving grieving families a chance to soften the process should they need to.


What services and options are included in our Direct Cremation Package to help families?

Our Direct Cremation Package has included features that are designed to help our families, such as:

  • Our average attendance time to a non-hospital address in Torbay is within 1 hour

  • We use Torquay Crematorium

  • The person who has passed rests with us in our Funeral Home, not a central hub

  • Our families can chat with us in person in our funeral home rather than a call centre

  • We will avoid special dates for the cremation, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

  • Discount for members of the Armed Forces Community and Blue Light Card holders

What additional options and services can families choose to add?

Our Essential Direct Cremation Package includes everything required for a direct cremation at Torquay Crematorium.

These are in addition to the Direct Cremation Package and are entirely optional and clearly priced on our website.

  • Having the person dressed in their own clothes rather than a gown set

  • Visiting the person in our Chapel of Rest

  • Adding a small 20min service before the cremation in our Chapel for up to 8 people

  • Us to make and publish an Online Tribute Page as a lasting memorial

  • Hearse to travel via a house or particular route on the way to the crematorium

  • Choose from our Memorial Ranges

What do these options cost?

We have produced an Instant Quote facility so families can see the ultimate cost, including additional products, services and any discounts. Please click the button below to start your online quote.


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