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My funeral wishes are...

Not many people are aware that you do not need to pay for a funeral plan to record your funeral wishes.

Tackling the taboo around funerals is one of the hardest things to do for a family but if people can have the discussion it gives so much peace of mind to a family knowing they are following their loved ones wishes.

My Funeral Wishes has all of the most common questions we would need to be answered to arrange a funeral service.  Full of helpful guidance to make sure your service is unique and as you wish it to be.


What are funeral wishes?

Funeral wishes is a document recording a person's wishes for their own funeral.

The document is stored in a safe place and it gives the family a guide to what their loved one wants to happen at their funeral.

It can contain as much or as little information as the person wishes.

Please note that a persons personal wishes (even when written into a funeral plan) are not enforceable by law after someone's death.  That is why having the conversation can be so important.

Why funeral wishes are different to a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is a way of pre-paying for a funeral service in advance, either in full or over set payment amounts.  

With a funeral plan, you enter into an agreed level of funeral services at an agreed price.  The funeral plan allows you to pay today's funeral prices and they will be honoured in the future when you pass away.

With a funeral plan, you can also record your wishes and they are lodged with your plan.

Funeral wishes are simply your wishes being recorded with no provision or payment being made.  That means your family know what you would like to have but the funeral will need to be paid for at the time of your passing.

How do I record my funeral wishes?

You can download the "My Funeral Wishes" document.  The document will give you a complete guide of the usual decisions we ask families to make when they arrange a funeral.

Print the form off and clip all the sheets together and you can then keep your wishes in a safe place.  Make sure someone you trust knows where they are.

We always recommend having a conversation with your family.  There are questions and input that they will want to have.

If you wish you can send us a copy of your wishes for us to keep safe for you.  In that case send them in to us and we will make sure you have a copy for your records in the future.

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