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A step in the right direction

We have always believed in utter clarity in our pricing, so we were delighted when the CMA brought in the new laws for funeral directors.


From our inception in 2020 we have displayed our prices clearly and actively encouraged families to not only compare prices but to investigate the level of service they will receive.

We are members of the NAFD and accepted into the Fair Funerals Campaign in both 2020 and 2021.  To attain both of these we needed to undergo (and ongoing) thorough inspections and checks that our pricing is clear, fair and open to the public.


Further clarity is still required for families.

You will find our Standardised Price List below along with the other legally required information.

Although a Standardised Price List is a huge step in the right direction it sadly still does not make clear any restrictions placed on the service headlined by a funeral director, therefore again it is not a "like for like" comparison.

Please use any of the tools we have linked to below to help you use the Standardised Price List to compare on a "like for like" basis.

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Standardised Price List

Last year, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) completed its in-depth market investigation into the funerals sector. This identified a number of concerns, including that prices for similar services differed considerably between funeral directors and the way that information was provided made it hard for families to compare prices and choose the right combination of services for their loved ones.

The CMA, therefore, decided to implement a package of ‘sunlight remedies’, which it has been consulting on with the sector, including funeral providers, trade bodies, charities and customer representative groups.

Many of these remedies have now been made into law through an Order. In addition, further remedies concerning the regulation of funeral directors have been recommended to the government.

The Order requires that, from 16 September 2021, all funeral directors must display a Standardised Price List at their premises and on their website.


This list must include:

  • The headline price of a funeral.

  • The price of the individual items comprising the funeral.

  • The price of certain additional products and services.

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