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How someone in the funeral industry reads a website vs. how the public does

Website Research

We had an opportunity to obtain some insight into how people research.

Researching a Funeral Director is not easy, especially at one of the most challenging times a family can face, but things are changing. Websites are now much clearer on what services you can expect, costs, ownership and expected charges.

Our main website has been established for several years, so the public stably uses it. The analytics we receive from this site is reasonably constant.

We have, however, just launched our new site in the last few weeks.

"As a new local funeral director website, it gets a lot of hits from other funeral directors and people who work in the industry, and rightly so."

This is because the funeral directors and people in the wider industry want to know what we are offering, at what cost and how we are different. We would do the same thing.

Both our websites are designed to give as much easy access to information as possible. The sites are essentially split into two types of pages.

Information Pages

These pages contain information on the first steps you need to take and how to register, along with helpful links and information. These pages do not give much insight into how we operate as a Funeral Director business.

Comparison Research Pages

These pages are designed to show a family what they can expect from us, who we are and what we offer. They contain in-depth information and tools for a family to see what the expected costs will be and how they will be looked after by ourselves. These are the pages that tell our story as a business.

So how does this help?

This leaves us with two websites written in a similar tone with both Information Pages and Comparison Research Pages. One is viewed mainly by the public and the other by people who work in the funeral industry.

The results surprised even us.

Laptops and coffee

We receive in-depth reports and analyses into how people use and view our websites.

These are the statistics for our main website. This is how the public has viewed this website over time. Broken down into the two page types, it looks like this.


These are the statistics for our second website. This is how the funeral industry has viewed this website over time. Broken down into the two page types, it looks like this.

You could argue that the people in the funeral industry already know the general information, but they also know what matters ultimately to families.

The information is out there.
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